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January 2020 - Mind map - by Riikka Kovasin

Hello there!

It’s Riikka here today to share my project with the January map theme. The theme threw me off guard and while doing so, I was really surprised. I love vintage tones, tea shades and maps. I loved orienteering in school and I’m usually the one holding the map in one way or the other if we are walking in a new place. But still I found it hard to get a hold of the topic.

What then helped me to get going was to think also about the start of the year and finding a focus for it. That lead me to imaginary maps of sorts, and I ended up making a mind map for 2020. A mind map is something I’ve done earlier, too, for this project shared in August 2019. Mind maps are handy tools to clear one’s head, but I still seldom use them. Maybe my head is seldom so cluttered, luckily?

I started the project like I said by drawing a mind map using several different gel pens. Then I took some tea and colored the white, new paper to resemble old. That’s a trick I used even as a child when making tre…

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