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November 2019 - Chain of generations - by Riikka Kovasin

I guess it was the color, rust, that pushed me to think about metal and chain. From there the inspiration took a curve towards invisible chains of people, generations and families. Probably just passed Day of the Dead had its part in my thoughts.

I adore vintage photos and the Photobooth sticker album. While I usually try to save these treasures, this time I wanted to do things a bit differently and used the stickers as my background. I chose the photos randomly and added them to my background in various directions. They run from edge to edge, a never-ending line of family members.

Then on top came the rust. I used the Rust Paste set to kind of set a base for the composition and layers coming on top. I smeared the paste to the center and added some splashes to carry the color across the pages. I also used a rust colored ink and added some hints of flowers to the background using “Passiflora” stencil. I carried the color also to the embellishments and added some rusty gears in there.

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