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September 2022 - Moth bulb - by Pascale B.

When I saw this month's theme, I want to play. I like black and gold, and I think it will be an easy challenge. So here I’m at my table starting to play with my chipboard and my moulds. And then, … nothing. I have my tag, some texture glued on it along with the chipboard. Everything was painted in black, my moth covered with gold metallic foil, and nothing… Nothing wanted to come together, I was so frustrated as I really like the theme.   I take a break, go for a walk, had a little chit-chat with my cat - she is always very helpful :) - and started digging in my stash. As soon as I found the bulb light, everything came together, and everything made sense to me.  I try to keep the composition simple. I painted the top part of the bulb light with black gesso and added a design with graphite paste. For the bulb light itself, I used Vintage Gold acrylic paint covered with clear crackle paste. The moths were covered with gold metallique flakes, then soot wax. I painted the cogs with bla

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