What is Art Daily?

Our lives are so much more than endless to-do lists, constant planning, and multi-tasking. To often we don’t give ourselves permission to stop for a moment, take a breath and to do what truly makes us happy and fulfilled. From our experience we know how important is to carve out some space and time to create, focus on yourself, your goals and dreams. Art Daily is here to help.

A few years ago I had a bunch of friends who ware as much in love with art and creativity as me. These ware great times, which gave the deep belief in the healing and decompressing power of art.
During our informal meetings, we were chatting and journaling, quite often just on our laps sitting in a cafe, on the bench in a park or on a train. Our pages weren't masterpieces, but this was not a competition but a conscious act of self-care, realising creative energy and giving yourself permission to play, inspiring each other and listening to your inner voice.

I've learned there is always time and place to create art. You just find your way to do it. These may be longer planned sessions or just short moments caught between your everyday tasks, but they’re all like a deep breath for the soul. They may seem small or not important, not even really artistic but is a way to practice art, daily. Photos, accidental art, handwritten notes, sketches or full-size spreads, they’re all small steps in the right direction. To get back to your creative self.

So what is art daily really? Art daily is much more than a diary or a journal, it’s your creative playground but also a bunch of tools to get you motivated and organised. You will be able to fill it with inserts to match your needs and personal taste and decorate it the way you love or leave it as it is, there are no rules. You will be able to collect your inspirations and carry them with you wherever you go, to create daily and make this book your own, unique. You just need to find your own way to use it.

We are handing you some tools and prompts to get you started, motivated and creatively tickled so that you play, experiment, grow and spread your wings. You can take one a day or a week or reuse them if you prefer. They’re a source of inspiration, a starting point but don’t let them limit you. There are no set rules how to practice art daily either. We just want you to remember about your creative needs and really practice art. One small step a day, just pause, be more mindful, pay attention and listen to your inner voice.

We want this book to be both a practical tool and an inspiring journal for you to grow creatively. You can build it to match your needs and taste and soon you will realise you don’t need tons of art supplies. The act of creating is much more important than the results. We’d like to help you to discover your potential without any pressure, competition and with total freedom of expression. But this is not all. We’re waiting for you online with plenty of encouragement, inspiration and love.

Will you join us on this art daily journey?


  1. GREAT. I WILL. Thanks Anna. Waiting for your posts.

  2. Wonderful inspiration resource! Will there be alerts or other notifications of new posts? Thank you for your time.

  3. Such an awesome start to creating everyday! I am so looking forward to this and seeing what you are all doing! Thank you!

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing what is to come.

  5. Of course I'm already with you in this wonderful adventure or better to say travel ... let's see where it will take me

  6. I would love to join you. Looking forward to hearing.ore about it ☺️ ♥️♥️xx

  7. This looks like such a exciting and inspiring journey!

  8. This is fabulous Anna!!! Thank you for doing this for us! I know we all are ecstatic!

  9. Just have to say....With goosebumps a little tear in my eye I look at your wonderful idea Art Daily !! I LOVE the whole concept with the wonderful accessories, the beautiful photos with wise words and encouraging quotes ..... I will do all I can to take part in Art Daily!


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