November 2018 - Doors of Your Neighbourhood - Inspiration from Finnabair

I've always been fascinated by doors and windows.
When taking a walk in the new neighbourhood I used to notice the ones I'd consider pretty or intriguing: with unusual colour, design, with paint peeling off and with the glasses broken. I still take photos of them, trying to capture a bit of this magic - I really believe there is something magical about the gates and doors they are the border between 2 worlds, they can invite you in, or stop you from entering.

When I was getting ready for my first Art Daily Inspirational Post the idea came to me really quickly: Door Documenting. What is the concept about?
I'd like to encourage you to pay more attention to the doors you are passing through every day, the ones you can see near your house or on the way to work. Is there anything interesting about them? Do you like any? Maybe there is a certain pattern, or there are doors which are surprising?
For me it all started to go into the direction of a photo story - I've decided to take photos of the most interesting doors in my tiny town - but the ideas can be much wilder:
- draw/paint or collage the door you've seen in your journal - how any can you document this way? Why are they special?
- count the doors in one colour on your street. Write/draw it in your journal.
- count the glass doors and wooden doors (or decorated ones, or ones with numbers on...) you go through when going to work. Maybe you can create some kind of code and mark them on a spreadsheet?
- go through all the doors in your house/apartment with your camera, take short videos or some photos. What have you discovered?
- create little messages and stick them on doors for people to find them - make it a surprise and check who found them and what the reaction was.
- ...and many more!
I would love to see where this concept is taking you!

My "Doors of Eyrecourt" are in a way inspired by the old, but famous photo project "The Doors of Dublin" which resulted in beautiful postcards and posters you can buy now in many souvenir shops. It is true, that I've never seen so many beautiful, colourful doors in other places - Ireland is quite special in this way! I'll be posting my photos on Instagram soon!
You can learn about "Doors of Dublin" project here - you won't regret! Visual feast!

But this is not all. when I was taking the pictures, I've noticed there are doors which are really attracting my attention - one of them belong to the very big, old house which seems to be empty for longer periods of time. I feel it is really a mysterious place and I'd love to pass this door one day and see the whole building... They are calling my name, somehow.
The photo I took pushed me further - I've created a collage, inspired by the atmosphere of this place and the beauty of the detail on the door. I wanted it to reflect my feelings abut this place.
But this wasn't all - I made sure the door on my collage will actually open to reveal a hidden message, which I've picked from my new Art Daily Sticker Pad - Words You Need.
I've intentionally picked the uplifting, gentle reminder - it was something I personally needed to hear in the last days!

Ready to go?
What are your feelings about the doors - and what would be your way to document them? 
Let us know in the FB Group or on IG - using tags #artdailycafe and #artdailydoors !
Happy Creating!


  1. thanks a lot for this inspiration finn! this is very much needed to me as if now, after a short break from crafting due to health reason and some personal drawbacks, I feel like i need some push to get back to crafting, every I go to crafting table and look around for couple of hours and was doing nothing, I started feeling like my work and creative is outdated and i cant really make a good project now. But Since I saw art daily, and the inspirations and you welcome video....ah I swear, I started motivating myself again from last two days, saying it to myself that its not important to make a master piece but the journey,experience and flaws I make and then how the mess look sensible is what matters. more than anything making art is important. Thanks a lot, for the new start of this blog. I can feel the vibes that this is going to rock. I wish you all the success. sending love and hugs from India

  2. I LOVE this door project! Very inspiring. The BG collage is so interesting and Gorgeous and I LOVE how the door has a hidden message behind it!


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