NOVEMBER 2018 - Less perfection, more authenticity - inspiration by Janka Mampouya

Hello all art-journaling fans!

Creative freedom is very important to me. Most often it is not about the final effect - how my project looks - but about my ability to express my emotions moving my brush, touching and molding the material, looking for a right word to name what's inside my heart.

This month I created an art-journal cover.

My friend gave me a portion of clay and I made a door. Very rough, not smoothed, exactly as the statement put on them: "less perfection, more authenticity". 

My helper was talented singer -  Grace Vanderwall. When I do something with love, I just need to perceive it through my senses. So good music, coffee, pleasant touch of clay or scent of turpentine. Everything is mixed and inspires me.

My dirty with paint fingers  make me happy. And when something gives you happiness, do not be afraid do use your fingers to create it. Open your door and join us. It is that simple!

With love

If you feel inspired by our this month theme - DOORS - please feel free to add your project to inlinkz below:


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