November 2018 - Live with passion - inspiration by Kasia Bogatko

Hello Friends,
I am very happy that I have the opportunity to meet you in this special place.
Art-journaling has always been somewhere in my heart, but I was still afraid to open and show what was inside my notebook.
This project appeared in a very good time. I wanted to get out of this speeding train of expectations and pressure, to do something different, just for my own pleasure. 

I start shyly and simply. No unnecessary utensils. Our topic - DOORS -  is perfect for a new beginning, for closing one door and opening the next.  I hope that it will dare you and you reach for the means of expression that were previously strange to you, which you was afraid of. Reach inside yourself. Forget about the ratings, about this race. Start creating for yourself, for your pleasure, for your mental health. 

For me, art is life. The ubiquitous "likes" made me forget about it a bit. I'm coming back now.

If you feel inspired by our this month theme - DOORS - please feel free to add your project to inlinkz below:


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