December 2018 - Art of Everyday

Hi Dear Friends!
December is here - and somhow everything seems to a bit more magical! Days are filled with excitement and we are more likely to believe in miracles... December is a month of hope and joy... so why not deocument every single day in our own artistic way?
Our topic for this month is "Art of Everyday" - and there are so many ways you can join!
Finding beauty in everyday tasks and objects, looking for the inspiration in the things which are elements of everyday life, celebrating small things and creating art using the most simple ingredients - this all may be your way of inviting art into your life.
December is a perfect time for small acts of art - maybe you can start a unique collection of hand decorated objects? Follow "one photo a day" challenge? Create tiny gifts for your friends and family or make your own unique form of Christmas calendar? Fill you diary with notes about highlights of each day of the month?
We will be witing for you here, on Instagram and Facebook with more of inspirational ideas... give yourself permission to play and join us!


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