December 2018 - Goldenlicious - by Denisa

Hello artsy folks! Here I am today with my goldenlicious art journaling. It´s Xmas in the air and my mind is occupied with festive feelings and positive moods. For me the gold colour is somehow special and I do not use it on my everyday projects. To me it suggests special occasions and celebration time. Xmas is the right time to turn my house gold and add a bit of the sparkle to my creating too. So, here goes.

There´s an old Czech saying He/she has the heart of gold meaning the person is very kind and helpful. I guess this is what Christmas is all about. Love, care, happiness and joy. It´s about families being together. It´s about sharing with less fortunate people. The Xmas spirit is here to remind us to think of the needs of others before ourselves. Just stop and look around you.There might be someone waiting for your kind words and bright smile. It doesn´t cost much and will make somebody´s heart sing. Don´t hesitate and do it. Let the love shine bright.

Wishing you Merry Christmas and A Happy New Creative Year!


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