December 2018 - Making it Possible - by Finnabair

Hi my Dear Friends!
December is a beautiful time - filled with Christmas preparations, excitement and magical atmosphere, but it can be overwhelming and stressful as well. Between the everyday tasks and to-do lists, it may be hard to find time to stop, take a breath, listen to your inner voice, and simply create something... I totally get it! 
But maybe there is a way?
We are here to help: December prompts and ideas are all focused on smaller acts of creativity, little exercises and inspirations: we will be encouraging you to take baby steps and plan your goals keeping in mind your limited time and energy and not losing the joy of making something just to relax, release the stress or forget for a moment about everyday problems...

So, I've put some ideas together - I hope they will be helpful!

- Don't put pressure on yourself! A lot of Holiday preparations and tasks are truly artistic anyway: decorating your home, cooking the food, wrapping gifts or creating greeting cards - you name it! How about involving your loved ones to join these? Making them as fun as possible - and enjoying them together? Perfection is overrated - and enjoying the process is far more important than the final result, right?

- Document your days in a way which will go with your style, mood, time limits: filling the whole December Daily Minibook may be too much for some of us - no matter how beautiful these are and what great memories they make... maybe try other ideas instead? Our prompts we keep posting for you throughout the whole month may be helpful!
I've challenged myself to document my days by simply taking photos - 1 a day minimum - and I'm posting them on my IG account- in the stories and later in my feed. It's not sophisticated - but it is on the right level of energy and time for me and still, it keeps me focused, centred and its a great reminder of how special our everyday life really is. If you'd like to see my photos or join - you can check my account or tags: #dontblinkproject or #artdailycafechallenge.
Remember - you set the rules and you can join anytime!

- Name it right.  I've seen many of you asking me on FB how it would be possible to create something everyday - well, the first thing is to define "creating" properly for yourself! As I mentioned above, a lot of things you do are acts of creativity already - it would be just great if you could recognise them as such and put more attention to them! The second thing is the scale - you don't have to FINISH every project you make - just adding something to it every day will be a great exercise.. or maybe just go smaller?

That brings me to my next idea for you...

In December I've decided to focus more on my "Monthly" booklet from my Art Daily Collection. I'm not a fan of planners - I put my important dates in my Google Calendar and to-do list in a separate notebook, but I had a special idea what I want to do in the calendar section for this month... I wanted to really focus on creating mini-collages inspired by words I found... I'm sure some of you heard the term "inches"? So, I wanted to have my own inchie collection - in my booklet!
I've started with a set of simple rules I've made for myself - and a bunch of very basic tools. No need to show off, prove my skills or competing with someone - just challenging myself to create and have fun!

So here are the rules:
- Close your eyes
- Pick a word from the stash (sticker pad, text cut-outs, dictionary etc.)
- Stick it or write it in
- Create!
It is so simple!
I can't wait to see all the page filled with these little acts of art... I can create 1 daily - as a warm-up or as the only thing I will do that day in my studio... or I can take my time and create a bunch of then at one sitting - I'm the one who makes the rules here!
(So far you can see the following inches finished: wander, cherish, create, art, treasure, between, gentle).

I hope you will find your way to go through December and document this wonderful time of the year - check us out for more ideas soon!

Sending love your way

If you feel inspired by this month’s theme - ART OF EVERYDAY - please feel free to add your project to inlinkz below:


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