February 2019 - Day dreaming, night dreaming

Hi again dear ones.
I can't even believe January is over already! We've filled this time with so many beautiful creations, memories, impressions, meetings - and thinking about all the stories we share or decide to keep private. With the deepest pleasure I was watching you all - and I got inspired on so many levels!

February is short, dark - at least here, in Europe - but it has the promise of Spring you can feel in the air... it is time to look into stars and start planning, dreaming and letting go, getting ready for the warmer and more welcoming times to come! It is transition time - not winter anymore, but not Spring yet - strange month hanging somewhere there between the seasons, giving us time to reflect, look into our desires, dreams and longings - sometimes the ones which we are not even aware of.
Is daydreaming, forgetting about here and now for a moment your thing? Do you remember to let yourself drift away and wander on the fields of your memories and hopes?
Or maybe you are more a nocturnal creature, surrounded by night dreams, inspired by the light of the moon, looking for answers in the stars?
Or maybe you are more practical, with both feet on the ground and you prefer to plan instead of dream? I hope February will be inspiration for you not matter which way you pick! Let's explore the realm of dreams together!
As always we are waiting for you here, on the blog, on Instagram and Facebook with more of inspirational ideas... give yourself permission to play and join us!

If you feel inspired by this month’s theme – Day dreaming, night dreaming - please feel free to add your project to inlinkz below:

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  1. My second entry, I am just a beginner!

  2. Amazing Mood board...love all the elements and details..Love this place sooo much...

    Dr Monika Shukla


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