March 2019 - Create what you need - by Kasia Bogatko

our theme this month is "Fresh look". I approached the topic more technically than spiritually. Spring is always a new beginning. Not only in nature but often it's also time for new resolutions, a new challenge. I reached for the strong, dark background, expressive colors and greens, which are not among my favorite colors. However, I discovered that in combination with warm bronzes and gold they look beautiful! I think I will give them a chance and stay on my desk for longer.

For some time I like to combine seemingly mismatched elements. Here, for example, are flowers and gears. Theoretically, they should appear in completely different projects, but as it turns out, they look pretty good together. Sometimes it is good to look fresh at such combinations, try to connect things that we would never think about, the effect can be really positively surprising.

I encourage you to give a "fresh look" not only on the world around you but on what is in your drawers, on the shelves. Try to create something that is not obvious to you. It will allow you to discover new worlds, new paths. Maybe you'll like it there?

If you feel inspired by this month’s theme – Fresh look - please feel free to add your project to inlinkz below:

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