March 2019 - Mirrored images - by Riikka Kovasin

Hello there! Today it’s Riikka here to share my monthly project with this month’s theme of “Fresh Eyes”. The topic together with the color of the month, emerald, lead me to think about spring, new beginning and fresh stems.

I was pondering how I’d add the theme to my page. My first thought was using the mirror. That’s also something I say when I keep a workshop and sometimes use it myself, too. If you are stuck with a project, you need a fresh pair of eyes. If you are like me and want a project done, you might not want to wait a day or some time and come back to the piece with fresh pair of eyes. Speedy tricks to see the project from another view is to turn it around 180 degrees or to use a mirror to see it in another way. The change of view point gives you a fresh pair of eyes.

My first thought was to use a mirror to craft the whole piece. But after trying it a bit I realized that first, that way it would take me days and days to finish as everything is the wrong way around and second, my head would start hurting as my brain couldn’t understand what it was being put to process. So off with that idea although it did intrigue me.

Instead of actually using a mirror I tried to do the project in a different way, doing it step by step with pauses in between and not my usual from start to finish in one go. I also did the spread so that the pages are somewhat mirrored and used “scraps” – kind of looking them with fresh eyes and seeing their beauty rather than just throwing them away. What’s also mirrored is the little suns – I stamped them to a piece of transparency, then colored the back and last flipped them around to reveal the design.

What I learned during the making of the page is that I can’t change who I am or rather how I craft. Being “Speedy Gonzales” as my friend describes me is an essential part of my process and crafting. Doing the two pages slowly caused me more stress than relief and I felt that in this way the project led me less than with my usual style just going with the flow. So, in a way, the project showed me to myself with fresh eyes.

As I usually share some tips in these posts, let’s not go without this time either. While writing this, an exhibition of the works of René Magritte has just opened in Amos Rex, a Finnish art museum. It’s the first time his art is shown in Finland, at least to this extent. René Magritte was a surrealist, so you need fresh eyes to see his work or have a fresh pair after seeing them. In the exhibition text it’s stated that “the familiar is suddenly bafflingly strange”. For green inspiration try “Le Blanc Seing”, “The Son of Man” or “The Listening Room”.

The other tip might be doing as I do – try a new style of creating. If you normally ponder about the composition and colors, try being quick and make fast decisions. On the other hand, if you are a quick crafter like me, try to slow down, think about the composition, try different positions and really take your time. You might learn something profound about yourself and your style of creating.

All the best and thank you for stopping by today,


Art Daily products used:
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Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylic Emerald
Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylic Umber
Art Basics Heavy Gesso White
Art Extravagance Paper Texture Paste

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