March 2019 - Sea Creatures - by Finnabair

Hi again, my dear ones.
Have you seen our new mood board?
It is all about vibrating greens  - and I hope it will get you inspired! We came up with this colour as March is the time of the nature waking up after the long sleep - we notice more and we discover again the wonders of life. We enter the new, we start to tidy up our surroundings... It's the perfect time to stop and admire the everyday, find new values or beauty in the people, places, objects... it is time of the new beginnings and valuing of what we've got.

You may think I my interpretation of this topic is very down-to-earth, but for me  it was a perfect moment to find an excuse to go back to my roots - playing with recycling and upcycling ideas. I've got quite large stash of found stuff at home, but torn between my everyday tasks, projects I need to do or get involved into I rarely have time to make something just for my own pleasure, without thinking how can I use this project later! So it all started when I took out one of my boxes and then my hands found something which most of people would simply toss away - and I noticed the similarity of it to inside of the shells or other beautiful ocean findings... then it all simply took off!
Once I knew what I am going to focus on, everything came together so quickly - I had a real "flow" putting things together and creating this assemblage inspired by the sea creatures...
And my finding was the heart of it all!
I'm wondering if you can guess what "my finding" really is? I'm sure you've got some good guesses! For your curiosity I took the photo of the project "before" adding all the colours, so you can see it a bit better... just check it below!
It was a huge pleasure for me to play again - and I made sure this assemblage will have a special place on the self in our bedroom to be one more add-on to our "cabinet of curiosities".
What do you think about this idea? What about finding beauty in everyday objects, giving them chance to shine and take the main role in the theatre of your art?

Enjoy creating and remember to tag us #artdailycafe on Instagram so we can find you and admire your art! We are waiting for YOU!
Sending hugs
If you feel inspired by this month’s theme – Fresh look - please feel free to add your project to inlinkz below:

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  1. Wowwww...Anna, This is just incredible, sea shell projects are my most favourite and you have created such wonderful art piece...I am totally in love with this assemblage..Thanks so much for inspiring and teaching this wonderful art..

    Dr Monika Shukla


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