April 2019 - Art Masters

My dearest friends!
Do you like visiting museums or galleries? Flipping pages of art books, showing the pieces of talented, well-known artists?
Maybe you've dreamt in the most secret of your secret dreams about being one of them as well - to feel the passion, real artistic flow and the glory of having your artwork recognised and admired? Or would you like to be inspiration for one of the artworks - the model who is sparkling artist's creativity?
I'm sure we've all got great artists we've admire - painters, photographers, designers, musicians and more. Being exposed to their talent makes us feel inspired, creative, moved - or simply genuinely happy. There's nothing wrong in following the masters's path, trying to learn from them and get our sparkle of creativity from their artwork as long as we are keeping our own voice and expressing our own taste, emotions and telling our own stories. Art is the history of "creative stealing" and "recycling" - and there are some people who are our own "Art Masters" and we would love to look over their shoulders, at least once!

In April we'd like to invite you to the world of our own "art galleries" - artworks we love, artists we look up to and reflection over act of creating itself. How would be on your list of "Art Masters"? What kind of art speaks your language? Which artwork is taking your breath away? Let the world know!
If you feel inspired by this topic, if you'd like to join us with your acts of Daily Art - we are waiting!
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