April 2019 - What If... - by Finnabair

Have you seen our Monday Card from this week?
"If you could have your portrait painted by any artist in history, who would you pick?"
I was thinking about this prompt for only a short moment - the answer was easy for me and I think it won't be too surprising, when I will show you my journal spread.
Klimt's love for patterns, bold designs and colour stole my heart right away. His most popular paintings are known by almost everybody... but there are so many more of his works showing his amazing talent, sensitivity and amazing eye for detail. If only I had a chance, I'd love to be his model without a blink... only to be able to look over his shoulder when he was creating!

When I was working on this project I had a quick look through the album with his paintings and as a result I've put some of his signature elements together. I know how far I am from his masterpieces, but I wanted to try anyway!
The whole spread is one big experiment with metallic textures, glossy acrylic paints and bold patterns - and I have to admit it wa s great creative exercise. I've used a lot of art mediums to get the finish I liked - but my pages are really durable thanks to this process!
I hope you like my creative tribute to one of my most favourite artists ever...
do you know who would be your artist of choice? let us know!


  1. Wow! This is amazing and a masterpiece in itself!

  2. Inspiring question! Really made me sit back & think of how I could incorporate some, if any, of the things that the artist I would choose into more of my own work. Do you have a stamp set that jas any images of ants??? I would choose Dali. I was blessed to grow up in St. Petersburg, FL, USA and go to his museum regularly. I could feast my eyes on his work for hours and never get full! I would love to paint such mesmerizing imagery!


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