May 2019 - Simple Pleasures - by Finnabair

Hi my friends!
The more I'm away the more I value the time I'm at home with the ones I love - my husband, my pets and my friends.
It's so easy to forget about the power which lies in the simple things which we do everyday: having breakfast together, having tea, watching movies, admiring the plants in the garden, sleeping in in the mornings...
When I forget myself and take all these important, beautiful things I have everyday for granted the universe may send me a lesson to remind me about the beauty which lies within the simple things which surround us.
This is the story which is hidden behind this quite cute photo of my cat, Myshkin, admiring the leaves of one of my orchids.

I was sitting in the kitchen with a mug full of tea, checking the latest posts on IG or FB wall. After a moment I noticed how fascinated my cat is with the leaves on one of the orchids I was watering in the kitchen sink. He was patiently investigating every inch of the leaves, putting his whole cat self in this process. It was truly mesmerising to watch him, checking everything, learning and being totally devoted too this process only.

I can't find a better example of being in the moment, loosing yourself to find something beautiful - ordinary - yet so extraordinary.
Animals are our greatest teachers indeed. We too easily take our everyday miracles for granted.

Sending love your way


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