Scientists tells us that colours are just different length of waves of light. And I suppose everyone would agree that colours doesn't exist if there are no light. In complete darkness everything is just black. But have you ever wondered if "your red" is exactly the same color as "your friend's read"? :) I have thought about it most of my childhood and a part of adulthood too :) Then I stopped because I realized it doesn't matter. But my interest in subjective side of perception stayed. Very often colours we wear reflect our emotions or our personality. And also not everyone loves green and hates yellow :) So colours are very personal preference. But red will be energizing for everyone and green relaxing for everyone too. Isn't it a kind of magic?

What color are you today? We are waiting for you art, thoughts, feelings in our FB group and here on the blog. Or please tag us on Instagram, so we could see your project.


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