July 2019 - Blissful Moment - by Riikka Kovasin

Heippa! It’s Riikka here today to share my project with the theme “Mail Art”. This project is more about the process than about the finished piece. Sometimes that’s a good way to go, I think, letting the process take over and not focus just to the end result. But let me tell you, why it’s more about the process this time.

When I read the theme of mail art and the color of old paper brown, I started thinking about those old, brown envelopes. Even though I have a stash of old stuff, I didn’t have brown envelopes at hand. So, while we were doing a little road trip with my husband and went to great many flea markets, I was hoping to find some old, sent envelopes. I would have liked to use such an envelope as the base for a project. The best would have been that if the envelope was C5 sized, but C4 I could have turned into a whole small journal and C6 could have been turned into an insert card… Oh, my mind was flying with ideas! But unfortunately, I didn’t have such luck as to find any sent, or even unsent, brown envelopes!

So, I had to ditch my original idea. But I did find some other cool stuff, while going through the flea markets. My biggest find was an old camera, but with the mail theme in mind, I bought some used old postcards. I really love the handwriting in those! Never mind the picture in the front, I just study the back! The handwriting is so ornate, so artistic in its own right. I used some of the cards I bought along the trip in the art journal page you can see here. I layered a couple of cards together with some torn edge from a notepad to my journal.

As the theme was “mail art” I wanted the piece to have a feel of writing a letter or something connected to one. Somehow the gorgeous typewriter stamp from the “Carte Postale” set seemed appropriate to be the focal point. I also added some script from the same set to the background. To add a feel of a writing a letter, I chose some words from the “Sentiments” sticker book. When I was younger, I had a couple of pen pals and I always felt so blissful when I opened a letter and even when I wrote one. It was really fun! We really should send more handwritten letters and cards, not just text messages and emails.

With that in mind, I wanted this project to be even more about the mail, about sending stuff. So, I took the design of the art journal page and duplicated it to three envelopes. I tried to add as little adhered details as possible so they wouldn’t tear when mailed. And here comes the fun part – I’m sending these, with a little something added inside, to anyone who wants one! But there’s a condition of getting one. You need to post a picture to Instagram of the envelope and tag me so I can see how it made the journey! The way to get one, if you agree to the terms, is to send me a mail (rkovasin@gmail.com) with your address on it and reserve one. If there seems to be a huge rush, I might make a couple of more, but it’s all “first come, first served” principle.

That’s why these projects are more about the process, than about the finished piece. As for the envelopes, they are not finished yet but wait to have an address written on top and then mailed. It’s an ongoing process for them. And when it comes to the journal page, the journey to collect the materials was maybe a bigger thing than putting the page actually together.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a happy mail day!

Art Daily Carte Postale stamp set
Art Daily Wanderlust decorative tape
Art Daily Sentiments sticker book

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