July 2019 - Holiday Excitement by Denisa

Hello, it´s Denisa here today. There´s one thing I´ve realized this summer. Right now my friends are spending the sweet holiday time all around the world and having fun. Eager to let everyone know where they are, the excitement they´re enjoying. I can see the awesome pics on various social networks. I even often get the e-cards in my post box. Perfect modern gadgets which are super cool, fast and easy.

Still, for me they´re quite impersonal and there is lack of originality. When I was a little girl I enjoyed collecting the real postcards with exotic stamps on them that my parents received from their friends. I remember the fun I had trying to read weird handwriting on them. It was such magic for me.

Now all that is gone. That is why I decided to make a kind of handmade holiday postcard using various stuff I collected during my holidays to make it as much ME as I could. Hoping you like it.

Have wonderful holiday time all around the world!

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