August 2019 - Inner Landscapes - By Finnabair

Hi again!
Landscapes have so many different faces: dramatic and calming, nostalgic and full of life - nature is truly amazing! It is a source of endless inspiration for so many of us... and at the same time it may be a great metaphor, way to express our emotions and feelings, a secret way to show our message to others.
 We have our own, internal landscapes as well - and some of you may even try to make a map of them - it may be a great moment of self-reflection and organising our thoughts, acknowledging our emotions and giving ourselves the needed space.

What are our inner landscapes?
You can think about them as a picture of our dreams, hopes, plans - and results of them. Our beliefs, our current and past emotions, our past and our present and anticipated future - all that which sums up into our personality. For some of us our inner and outer landscapes (places which are surrounding us everyday) can be similar, coherent, somehow - logical with each other.
I think this relations makes us somehow "stable" or "safe" or maybe even "stuck" in the place we are. I suspect that too much balance here may leave us uninspired, bored and not willing to apply any changes or improvements.
On the other hand, the sense of "not fitting in, lack of balance or feeling unhappy with our surroundings is pushing us into actions... For sure, our inner and outer landscapes affect each other, they interact and change our life - in many ways.

Here is a glimpse at my situation - I've made this collage really personal one, as "proper journal page" should be...except, it is afar too big and too dimensional to fit in my journal. I've made it on the old notebook instead and will find a way to put it on the display somehow, later.

What is your inner landscape today? Would you like to paint/collage it?
How do  you feel about the place you live or work in? Or maybe you are traveling at the moment?How does make you feel?
Your journals, canvases, notebooks and camera are waiting for these stories to be told!
Sending you lots of creative vibes
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  1. This is so deep in personal feelings, it's such a wonderful & evocative piece! I am sure that anybody could develop their own story when looking at it! It is beautiful, calming & serene, yet edgy too. I love it 💙

  2. I really like how personal and thought provoking this is! Just STUNNING!


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