September 2019 - Senses - Mindful Moment - by Finnabair

Hi again my artsy friends.
I hope in September you will find a way to stop and let yourself focus for a moment on what your senses are telling you - you can think about it as a mindfulness practice, if you wish.
Can you imagine yourself stopping for a minute or two and focusing on what you feel, taste, hear? Would you be able to simply just enjoy the view and the sounds and smell of the wind, being outside without rushing to your daily tasks? This little excise can be done anywhere - having a bath, walking in the garden, cooking... the possibilities are just the re in front of you and it is very likely once you will start paying attention to those little sensations your senses bring you, your world will get fuller, more vibrant and relaxed.
This little mindfulness practice was the beginning of the journal page below.

You can't see it now, but I've started the whole process writing down all my feelings on a page with a blur pen: what I could see, feel, smell, hear, taste...
It helped me focus on this moment, get into creative zone and unlock the creativity when I was a bit tired and overwhelmed with everyday tasks.

Once I wrote everything down I've started to create on the top of it, having in mind what my senses were telling me on that moment... there is something to touch, to smell, so see, to hear  - event to taste (!) on my page as I've used black tea infusion as one of my paints.
I was trying to put as may of the sensations in the journal spread as I could - and I have to tell you, that starting with writing about this very moment was a great way to break the white page... how about trying this trick in the future, when you feel a bit stuck?

Have a great, mindful September and I can't wait to see your Art Daily practice!
Sending love

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