September 2019 - Senses

Dear friends,
We all perceive the world through our senses. We see things, we hear sounds, we smell scents, we taste and we can touch some things. All our senses allow us to experience positive but also negative things. Have you ever imagined how it is not to be able to use one or more senses? I made some interesting observations trying not to use my ability of seeing. When we close our eyes, we can hear and smell and feel things better. Have you ever tried sensory deprivation tank? Being in a state of flotation in liquid that temperature is very close to our body, without any sound and in complete dark changes our brain waves and at some stage we enter into the state, that supports creativity and problem solving. From daily point of view our senses could be amazing source of pleasure - taste of an ice cream on a hot day, soothing feeling of water, music that we love, a hug from our closest ones, beautiful scent of roses in a garden. We couldn't live without all of them, could we? 

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