October 2019 – Passionate curiosity inspires - by Riikka Kovasin

Oh, how I loved this month’s theme and color! Linen is perfect for any creation as it’s such a neutral, light color. And the theme and the Monday cards connected to the theme gave me a heap of inspiration. I would have loved to do all the Monday cards, but instead decided to limit myself for a moment and only did two. The first one turned into a random art journal page, but the other turned into this month’s project.

When I read the theme “Random Acts of Art”, I started thinking about RAKs – random acts of kindness, little prizes or giveaways. So, I decided to do something I could giveaway. I pondered upon the project type but when I did one of the Monday cards, I saw a perfect collaged base for some ATCs. That also allowed me to do a couple of them so I can maybe brighten the day of not just one but three persons!

The cards started out as a collage. I tore some pages out of a local newspaper and adhered those scraps on top of a cream – or linen – colored cardstock. I used Finnabair’s Soft Gloss Gel as my adhesive. I used mainly pieces with text on them but mixed in some inky blue from a photograph. That color seemed perfect for autumn and to be paired with linen. On top I then added a thin coat of white gesso.

Linen turns into a fabric in my head, not just the color. My fingers are searching for the texture of the beautiful linen cloth, so I just needed to add some fabric to my make. Unfortunately, I didn’t have linen at home, but I did have some cotton which I then patterned using the “Carte Postale” stamp. I cut and tore some pieces of the fabric and secured them to my collage base using stitching. After that I added a piece of double-sided adhesive sheet to the back of the collage and then cut it to pieces. I cut the pieces a tad smaller than the 2½x3½” ATC size so I could back them using a dark colored cardstock. The double-sided adhesive was to ensure also that the stitching would unravel too much.

After that came the fun part – embellishing! In the air of the randomness, I poured some embellishments to the table and chose the ones that happened to land near or on top of the cards. I feel quite lucky that the embellishments fitted so nicely together even though I chose them randomly! I added two embellishments to each card and then finished them with some word stickers. You guessed it - I chose them randomly, too. Or to be totally honest, I chose the two first ones totally randomly, “passionately” and “curiosity” and I felt that I had a tiny story going on, so I picked the last word, “inspire”. Because you I feel that to be passionately curious really helps inspiration! Wasn’t it not Albert Einstein who said “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”?

As I said earlier, as the theme for this month is “Random Acts of Art” I’m giving all the ATCs away. They are tiny ones, but hopefully will brighten the day of the receiver. If you’d like to have one, please send me an email! My address is: rkovasin@gmail.com.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you another inspiring month!

Xoxo Riikka

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