November 2019 - Hope - by Kasia Bogatko

Our topic this month is one of my favorite ones. Rust + recycling - is there a more perfect duo? On my desk you will find a lot of things that have lost their basic function, but can still be used in a beautiful way. I have a whole drawer full of broken jewelry, parts for watches, old buttons, electronic components, screws, nuts, bulbs... For an „ordinary” man it is probably a pile of rubbish, but for me it's real treasure. Sometimes they look inconspicuous, but just a little imagination, paint or paste, and they become an art.

On my desk you will also find a lot of brushes. I mainly use cheap, not very exclusive brushes. All because when I create, I usually forget to wash, soak, and simply dry them. They can no longer be used, but as you can see, they can become a great element of artwork. It was enough to cover them with a rust effect paste, add a little color and we have this tag.

I hope that our theme encourages you to reach for your old treasures and create something completely new with them.

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