November 2019 - Poetry of Decay - Bravely - by Finnabair

Hi again my creative friends!
If you know me a bit you know I'm more of an old soul, finding pleasure in exploring architecture, monuments remains of the castles or villages - and Ireland is a perfect place for these activities. I enjoy going to the flea markets looking for old books, photos and mysterious objects, which were part of everyday life in the past. Simple touching them and wondering who were their owners, how they were used makes me happy... but there is so much more! All these old, forgotten toys, tools, books and photos have so many stories to tell. I love them with all their imperfections as they are showing clearly how old and how special they are.

I think there is real poetry in these rusty, woodworm eaten frames. I can see so much value and mystery in each object, which was cherished by people in the past, even if its condition is far from perfect... in fact this worn out looks s a proof these items were once loved, used or displayed.
Maybe they were an important part of somebody's life? Maybe they were putting a smile on somebody's face? I can't know that, but I can give them their second chance - new life and new meaning, a brand new story to tell.
From now on they will be cherished as a keepsake on my shelf, sparkling happiness in my heart and giving me a chance to honour the people who are close to me or tales which I'd like to tell myself.
There is so much beauty in the decay and imperfection, you just need to look at them closer, with not only the eyes but with your soul.

Have a wonderful creative week!


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