December 2019 - Lights and sparkles

Hello friends,
December welcomes us with arrays of lights, festive atmosphere, cozy blankets and scented candles. That is why this month we will focus on all things glittery, shiny, sparkly and silvery.

Our December theme is: Lights and sparkles.
And I mean not only lights surrounding us like candles, Christmas lights, light bulbs and anything shiny! I mean also the lights inside us, our inner light: our bright spirit, our love and good energy. Let them shine through your projects this month!!

As you probably noticed last month we have had a technique, that prevailed in all our projects. This month will be no other. 
The techniques we would be using and inspiring you with are: usage of glitters, glass or foil.

As always we have chosen a color, that match perfectly the theme and technique.
December Art Daily Color is silver.

And here is our magical mood board. We hope it inspires you too.

If you feel inspired by this topic, if you'd like to join us with your acts of Daily Art - we are waiting!
You can drop your link with project here, on the blog - using the In Links tool or tag us on Facebook and Instagram - we'd love to see your projects!
Check our on Instagram and Facebook for. more of inspirational ideas... give yourself permission to play and join us!

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