December 2019 - Lights and Sparkles - Underwater - by Finnabair

Hi, again my dear ones...
how do you feel about December?
Is it a magical time for you or maybe is it filled with heavier feelings and you get overwhelmed easily? Christmas preparation may quickly take over our lives while the most important things like being together with loved ones may happen to be as important. Every year we are trying to get through this month with the minimum of stress and pressure and a maximum of our own version of happiness and cosiness. We all have things which make us happy, bring back the feeling we had as a child when we were waiting for the Christmas tree to light up... this warm fuzzy feeling which we all know so well.
Can you name yours?
Maybe it is the smell of gingerbread in the oven?
Warm cup of tea or coffee, a blanket and your favourite book?
Playing games with friends, laughter and music?
There are so many answers, I'm sure!

For me one of the elements of happiness are lights - candles in the house, chandeliers and Christmas lights, all that lights up our long, December evenings - do you agree?
Our Art Daily Cafe Moodboard is all about sparkles and lights - and  I wanted to create a decoration for my home which would marry together my personal taste, interests and a bit of Christmas feeling as well. I've looed through my collection and picked some real wonders of nature I've collected during my travels: urchins, starfish, shells - but I've added some steampunk and sparkly twist to them!
I've played with and old candlestick - all covered with a natural patina and used various natural elements to create the feeling my home decor belongs to some mysterious ocean kingdom. I've taken one large starfish, which was supposed to be the most important element of my assemblage and decorated it with tiny urchins, pebbles and mechanical elements.
The composition on the bottom of my dome was created with a selection of shells, moss, dried seaweed and much more - all to get the maximum resemblance to the sea bottom. I've really played with it, using my imagination as my guide and I really like the results!
My final touches were made with glitters, glass glitters, pearls and Art Stones - and I think the delicate shine I got is just perfect for this kind of project.

The sparkly steampunk starfish is now safe under a glass dome, sitting in my favourite spot, my private "cabinet of curiosities" - in our bedroom...
I hope you will be inspired to explore our topic of the month - I can't wait to see your creations - you can add the link to your work here!

Sending you love and all the warmest wishes


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