January 2020 - Map of Dreams - by Finnabair

Hi my friends.
New Year.
New beginning.
New mood board and topic of the month: Maps.
Not exactly the same as the resolutions, but if needed, it can easily stay on the same page... we can make map of our past and future, to help us visualise goals, we can map our dreams or even mark all the places in the world we would like to visit... Maps offer us endless possibilities, they offer us memories - and dreams!
I am a dreamer and travels, ideas and maps are an important part of my life. They may not be very detailed or carefully planned, but they are there for sure, keeping me on the track, helping me navigate between the next steps, paths and projects I want to take part in. The truth is - I'm fascinated by maps. They are showing the places which don't exist anymore, but there were there in the past, just like now we have countries, towns and villages. Maps take us places we've never been and show us the way to destinations we want to get to...
I remember when the first time I checked our home on Google Earth and I found our old car parked at the public parking lot outside our apartment block in Warsaw. Then I discovered a chicken coop we don't have anymore and a wheelbarrow parked in the garden in the place we live now.  It was a bit unreal feeling, visual evidence of our existence in space and time....now I come back to this page from time to time to see where we've been and to see where we are now... strange? Maybe!
What are the maps which are important for you?
Which places they show you the way to? What places they bring from the past - or maybe they take you to your future?
Happy creating!


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