February 2020 - Larks - by Finnabair

Hi my dear ones!
Are you ready for a bit of artistic activity?
When I was creating "Art Daily" project one of my goals was to create a habit of creating or thinking in an artistic way a bit - on a regular basis. Projects we make or we plan don't have to be big and complicated - just a small smudge, splatter, mark, a few words or a photo is enough!
For February I've picked a topic which is based on this idea very deeply. I wanted to encourage you to play with collage - and with visual storytelling. Sounds fun, right?

My plan was to make a short poem or story based on the words on sentences which I've previously cut out from the magazine or book and use any form of art to illustrate it. I was inspired by Japanese Haiga - a piece of artwork accompanied by a Haiku, traditional short poem.
Of course - I didn't want to stick too strictly to this concept - but in my journal page, I wanted to show my own interpretation of this art form. I've created my own collage poem, got inspired by it - and here is the result!
As you can see I've used pieces of paper I've brought from our trip to Japan - I couldn't resist, I was so sure it will be a perfect fit! I've used them to create mixed-media background for my page and I love the result.
Here is the translation of the poem I've made, for your reference.

We were standing on a bridge
days got colder
drops of water were glistening
covering us all with it
I tried not to think
I said loudly:
larks are coming

I hope you will join the fun and soon we will all see lots of collage-poetry inspired projects!
Have a wonderful, creative time!


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