March 2020 - Fly me to the moon - by Riikka Kovasin

Hello there! It’s Riikka here today to share my monthly project using the moonlight theme.

Blue is my favorite color in its many shades. I adore teal, turquoise and marine! I guess there’s not a shade of blue I wouldn’t like. So, I wanted to use the blue all over the page, not just in a detail which you can also do with the color of the month. And moonlight and night blue make a perfect pair, don’t you think? I also happened to have a perfect product which married the two – a dark blue washi tape with phases of the moon.

I decided to use the tape as the background. Using washi like this is quick and fun and this particular washi was just perfect for the page, so I wanted to use it more than just a little strip to decorate the page. On top of the washi layer I then added a coat of clear gesso so when I started adding colors and layers on top, everything would stick and not just pearl on top of the sleek washi. I used watercolors, stamping ink, white gesso and pearly white acrylic on top. First, I created splashes and pools of watercolors using an inky blue tone. That’s kind of clouds on the night sky. Then I started adding the moonlight on top. The moon itself is an Art Pebble with the back painted using pearly white acrylic.

If I could choose my daily routine, I’d be up until 1 or 2 am and then sleep in the next morning. But unfortunately, because of family and work, that’s not possible. So, if I’d have to choose between sun and moon, I’d go for the moon. The night owl in me also wanted to add an owl or a crow to the page as they go with the gothic feel of the beautiful silver moon. I happened to have a beautiful crow die cut, so I added that to the page.

When I then started to think about the phrase and words to the page an oldie started play in my head. Probably partly because of the flying crow. “Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars.” So, naturally I then needed to add someone to be flown to the moon. I found a lovely sitting lady with a beautiful poofy dress from the “Words You Need” sticker book and cut her out. Then I perched her onto the back of the crow and added the words cut from different phases from the “Sentiments” stickers. 

I can’t finish a single project without splashes so adding some to this project was a no-brainer. The first ones I added when making the watercolor layers and the last was some white circles and dots using a paint pen. I also added some white and pearly splashes along the way. Adding no splashes or circles to a project would have been more of a challenge to me! Every now and then I’ve actually tried to do that but with little or no luck – I always end up adding some in the end anyway! 

Thank you for stopping by today!

Xoxo Riikka

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