March 2020 - Give yourself permission - by Aleksandra Mihelic

Seeing the Moodboard, colors and description of this month's Art daily, I was immediately drawn to think of dreams and night shadows in the Moonlight. When I was thinking about the theme, I started to think about, how my night dreams are more and more often in the past few months, but I somehow forgot or lost a part of the ability to daydream. I often wake up in the morning and remember my dreams from night and I'm often thinking about them when I go through the day... what did they mean? I have quite hard couple of years behind me, and in coping with all the struggles and feelings, I somehow lost the ability to daydream. So when I was thinking today about all of it, I just realized, I don't want to be wondering what do my night dreams mean, I want to do more of a daydreaming! I want to make my dreams come true! Are you ever experiencing this too? 

The Art Journal pages that I made are how I put my today's thougths onto the paper and I hope you'll like them.

I used some beautiful Solar Tissue paper for my background and for the moon and I did some stenciling and some coloring with Liquid Acrylics to create my background. One page of my Art journal is reserved for the beautiful image of the Moon and the second one for the sillhouette of a woman swinging on her swing hanging from the tree in a Moonlight. My sillhouettes are chipboard pieces that I colored with black gesso and covered with some dark glitter. I love how the quotes that I added capture the image and my thoughts.

I wish to you to Dream your dreams and never loose the ability to Daydream.
I hope my Art Daily pages inspired you somehow.

Hugs, Aleksandra

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