March 2020 - Let the moon teach you - by Anat Weksler

Hello Crafty friends!

I'm so excited to be here and share my project for the first time.
I love Art Journaling and this way I'll be back to doing it as often as used to!

For me, many times, creating become a fantastic process of research: reading articles, poems, looking for pictures etc.
Not necessarily  every time, but I always have a meaning "behind" my projects.

This month Theme's text have intrigued me, especially this part from the mood-board guidelines: “feminine powers, Moon phases and all the meanings behind them,."

It made me understand there is probably so much I don't know about this issue, and I was right! I discovered I only knew the basic.

Moon phases has huge impact on us. The Moon represents powerful feminine energy.

It signifies wisdom, intuition, birth, death, reincarnation, and a spiritual connection.

Feminine energy is the receptive energy that opens. By receiving love/energy/attention your deep well of feminine energy is filled up.

That's what inspired me more than anything, so I tried to express it in my spread using the Night Blue with a light salmon pink, together with a small woman image and a great quote:

"Let the Moon teach you the Art of being a Beautiful and mysterious woman"

I created watercolor Moon, and lot's of circles with different shades of blue. I used not only the circles but their negative as well.

Usually Night Blue isn't my favorite but in my research I discovered this is my cosmic color so I decided to work only with this two colors and get a very feminine spread.

Hope I've inspired you to create your own project with moonlight moodboard.

 Thanks for stopping by!


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