March 2020 - Moon is a Woman - by Finnabair

Hi my creative friends!
I hope you are doing well during these quite challenging times. We all have our ups and downs for sure, but I really wish you would be able to stop for a moment and try to create something - a note? Journal page? Delicious cake maybe? Act of creation is often more important than the project itself!

Here is my small collage. Inspired by the moon and the moonlight I've put together a few elements to create my fairy-tale cloud, night sky - and of course - the Moon.
Moon is a woman for sure - not only in my collage!
In many languages and cultures, it is the symbol of femininity and all the powers belonging to women. It's a bit mysterious, a bit magical - it represents the changeable forces of nature and it brings unique rhythm to our lives. From time to time all of us are under the Moon's influence - don't you think?
I hope the moonlight and the magical personality of the Moon will inspire you to take some steps into your creative zone in the coming days. We will all see each other there - celebrating the creative powers given to us by the universe!


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