March 2020 - Moonlight

Hello friends,

This month there will be huge changes on our blog, but before we announce them, today we would like to tell you, what is our focus for March. As each month below you will fins a visual moodboard, so you could feel inspired and guidelines: theme, colour and technique we focus on.

Our March theme is: Moonlight.
Moon as a symbol is very meaningful and has a very long history. Moon was worshiped as an ancient goddess. It is very spiritual and very feminine symbol. It influences our body and all our seas and oceans. Also in our modern times we create moon calendars for gardening and for working with our dreams and visions. Moon is also very powerful element if we are talking about astronomy, astrology, and spirituality. Other aspects, that may inspire you, are: moon phases and all the meanings behind them, the magic of the moonlight, physical and psychological change and transformation.

March Art Daily Color is Night Blue.

The technique: dots, spills and splatters of any kind.

And here is mood board to inspire you:

If you feel inspired by this topic, if you'd like to join us with your acts of Daily Art - we are waiting!
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