March 2020 - Wild at heart - by Inna Bronnikova

Hello friends! Inna is with you.
Since ancient times, the mystic properties have been attributed to the wolf.
In the sad and lingering wolf howl, something otherworldly was heard and caused a feeling of fear and anxiety.
The howling wolf with its muzzle lifted to the moon and its mouth ajar looked especially frightening.
All this gave rise to many myths that wolves have some mysterious connection with the moon.
The picture of a wolf howling against the background of the full moon is firmly entrenched in the mind of man. Surely everyone knows this image of a wolf.
And I showed this image on the page of my artbook.

Texture Paste Golden Crackle, Metallique Wax  White Gold, acrylic paint Gold Rush helped me show the beauty of the moon and its radiance.
Modeling Paste and Stencil Iris Tapestry added mystery to the background.

“Loner ... your life is beautiful - you are free!” Freedom is what you wouldn't be without. You breathe, live, eat it. Your moon song is full of pride in yourself ...
…You are the best! EVERYTHING IS IN YOUR Paws! ”

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