April 2020 - Find Joy in the Ordinary - by Finnabair

Hi my friends!
I'm back with more project for you - and I hope you will join me in creating this month!
As you could see our topic for April is gratitude and our wonderful mood board, focusing on pink colour and small, but meaningful aspects of life will take you for an inspiring creative journey!
There are so many things we can be grateful in our life - the key is to open our eyes and intentionally to look for them and then, one by one, "count our blessings"!

In my project, I've decided to show my deep love for the found bits and pieces I keep collecting over the years now.  For most of the people these scraps, discarded elements and leftovers are simply useless, but for me, they are great substrates to be used in creating art, to show the deeper meanings,  tell stories and express emotions.
For me, one of the most exciting ways of creating is putting these forgotten "treasures" together to make them shine again, to create something unique, meaningful - maybe even beautiful.
Rusty metal nails, leftovers of lace, pen nibs, gears, metal flowers - with a bit of help they get new, different look and together they are able to express much more than just one element alone. They let me write their stories again, according to howI feel and what I see in them - and in my own heart as well.

And what about you?
Can you name some everyday things which make you really grateful?
Are there any elements of your life which seem to be ordinary, but for you they are precious?
Make sure you will count them every day - they are able to bring us joy, relief and keep us sane even if the most difficult times!
Stay safe and make art. Don't forget to share too!
Sending love


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