April 2020 - Gratitude

Hello friends,

We are here today to send you some good vibes, some good energy and a bit of sunshine.

Our April theme is: Gratitude.
In our daily lives we could have not noticed the small and even big things, that we could be grateful for. Fresh air. Warm day spent outside. Nutritious food. Scent of the candle. Good book. Interesting article. Relaxing movie. A cute small pot with a succulent, that we have on the window ledge. Our favourite mug with hot tea and a piece of ginger. Softness of the blanket. Beautiful sky outside the window. Cozy couch in your living room. Joyful laughter of children. Serene afternoon spent in the garden. There are so many things and situations and people we could be grateful for. And this month we would like to draw your attention to these simple or complicated, small or big, lasting just a few seconds or much longer moments, for which you are grateful for.

April Art Daily Color is Pink.

The quote: "The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude" - Friedrich Nietzsche

And here is mood board to inspire you:

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  1. This is so inspiring. By the way, I'm a real Pinkaholic. I will certainly add a project this month for the first time. Gratitude is the theme. So thank you for all this creative universe you share with us, each one of you in the creative team.


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