April 2020 - Who help you being - by Aleksandra Mihelic

This month's Art daily moodboard is right down my alley; soft, feminine,... The theme gratitude is one thing that we are starting to realize and cherish more in the past few weeks, when our world is facing pandemic and we've been required to stay home, which takes away a lot of commodities we were used to. We took them for granted and today it's the opportunity to see them as privilege and be grateful for them.

When I was thinking what is that thing that I can say I'm most grateful for in last weeks, one of them popped up. Of course my biggest gratitude always goes to beeing healthy, having food and roof over my head and having an amazing family to spend life with. But one thing that I realized in these last weeks, that I can be so so grateful for, are actually my friends. And not only friends in realy life, but also friends in my virtual life. I have made so many beautiful friendships over the last months, years and weeks especially among fellow artists, and some of them are cuh a treasure. They always cheer you up, help you with advices, give you comfort. And that is for me a big and important thing. It's one amazing thing to be grateful for and cherish in your heart. So my today's art journal pages are dedicated to all of you my sweet Artist's friends.

I hope my Art Daily pages inspired you somehow and I hope you have that friend or friends that are your rock in these times and you theirs.

Enjoy your days as much as you can, spend quality time with your dear ones or yourself and most of all, stay healthy and stay safe.

Hugs, Aleksandra

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