May 2020 - The Forest Witch - by Finnabair

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”  - John Muir
From the very first moment I started thinking about this mood board I knew, I really knew I have to make something serious. This topic, the whole concept of it resonated with me so much I had to let my creativity flow!
Soon I knew what I wanted to do - there was a time, when I was mostly focused on creating collage portraits, creating magical, mysterious characters - and now it was the time to create my very own Forest Witch!

Witches were (and maybe still are?) the wise women, deeply connected to nature, often living alone in the wilderness. Even now, all the "witchcrafts" based on understanding powers of elements or using herbs, fruit, mushrooms - it is all traditionally connected to women and their amazing skills turning usual, overlooked objects into something beautiful, valuable and magical. In my project, I wanted to put it all together: the wisdom, the mystery and the wilderness...

I hope you can see a bit of this madness and all the feminine aspects and forces of nature here and you like my idea - it was really a pleasure to make it!
Sending love your way!


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