May 2020 - Witchery and Magic

Hello friends,
do you agree there is something mystical, mysterious about the forests?
No matter what time of the year it is they carry some magic in them, some of the places are surely enchanted... it is not a coincidence forest and the power of nature are very strongly connected to women, their natural feminine energy and knowledge. All the "witchcrafts" based on understanding powers of elements or using herbs, fruit, mushrooms - it is all traditionally connected to women and their amazing skills turning usual, overlooked objects into something beautiful, valuable and magical. Even in modern times, we practice this kind of natural "magic" at home - using natural ingredients like spice or herbs for cooking, baking, washing. We use elements of nature to create art, decorate our homes and essential oils can give our rooms, clothes and bodies the most beautiful smell which will soothe, relax or invigorate us in need. We can help ourselves and others by giving them herbal tea when they are sick or stressed or take a relaxing walk in nature or take a wonderful, relaxing bath with herbal infusions. This is all our everyday magic and we should not underestimate the powers that lay in our hands!
And you? what are your small rituals? how deeply are you connected with nature?

Our May theme is: Witchery and Magic.
May Art Daily Color is Deep Green.
The quote: “And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”  - John Muir

And here is mood board to inspire you:

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