June 2020 - No beauty shines brighter - Aleksandra Mihelic

Does it ever happen to you? ... so many things to do, to finish, but you are so wearied and so exhausted,...? It is happening to me lately to find myself in this spot of being mentally and physically wearied out. And sometimes when it happens to me, I grab my small Finnabair art journal and just do a quick page in it. It is perfect for me in size, since it keeps me from overdoing my page, which sometimes makes me even more tired, instead of more relaxed. So this is my perfect short creative escape.

And this is what I did today. I just wasn't in the place to create something complicated, something challenging. So I chose a beautiful photo that I was drawn to and did a simple art journal page. I was inspired by this month's Art daily moodboard, which is featuring black and white faces with a meaningful quote: Mistakes are almost always of a sacred nature. Never try to correct them. (Salvador Dali)

Looking at this beautiful portrait of a lady reminded me how this world craves for beauty and for not having too many "mistakes", to many "flaws", to many "wrinkles",... but what are "flaws"? They are signs of the road we walked through life. And looking at them like this, makes them special and indeed sacred. After all... the true beauty is in our beautiful hearts and our souls, which shine through. That is something I'm reminded often in the last few months, when so many sad things are happenning in this world, which are sometimes making me emotionally exhausted. And one of the most "beautiful" people are often does that have walked a road full of obstacles, yet managed to keep their hearts and souls shinning and joyful. Just like this lady...


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