July 2020 - Time Traveller - by Finnabair

Hi my dear friends,
I have to admit this month I was really excited to see the mood board - cobalt! Clocks! Painting the background...what could be better?
It didn't ake me long to find the idea of what I'd like to do - the image of the finished collage got stuck to my mind for days until I was able to get to my table and start working. Time traveller was coming to life quickly and all the details I found and I planned to use were fitting in places perfectly!
This collage is a perfect example of my favourite aesthetics  - eclectic, magical and detailed, yet monochromatic and nicely balanced. You can see all sorts of textures and unusual elements here but thanks to the careful selection of colours it is all coming together nicely.
The whole concept of time travel was stuck in my head from the beginning - I've decided to combine old, steampunk-inspired images with modern findings such as computer and electronical parts. Together with some natural bits and pieces, it all created unique, a bit dreamy atmosphere and a chance for the viewers to add their own meanings to the collage.

I have to admit taking a photo of it is almost impossible - I added some glitter to finish the project up and on the images, all this beautiful, stardust sparkle is simply gone... Disappointing, but this is the nature of the glitter!
I hope you enjoy it and will get inspired to create together with us this month!
Sending hugs

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