August 2020 - Cornucopia

Hello there! This month’s theme is by Riikka Kovasin.

August in Finnish is “elokuu”, which relates to harvest. Even though harvest season extends to September at least, to me August means the end of summer and the start of autumn. The white, brilliant light of summer turns all golden, like the fields of wheat and barley. You can see harvesters going up and down the fields, gathering the crops. August is also the time when the green apples called White Transparent start to turn into pale golden hues and become glassy as they ripen. It’s the time to make apple jam or juice, preserve the scents and tastes of the season before everything withers. Before long also birches start to change from the emerald green foliage to golden yellow.

To me the end of summer has a tone of warm, golden yellow, like the tone of honey or amber. Even though plants and trees get the golden tones, for me the color comes mostly from the color of the light. Where the light of spring has a cold hue, summer light is pure white light, the starting autumn turns the light golden. The most striking thing about August evenings to me is the setting sun hitting pine trunks – the golden light turns the brown bark into fiery red, blazing warmth and fall tones.

When thinking of what technique to tie into all of this, I got thinking of subtle change. Like how summer turns to autumn, autumn to winter or how the leaves gradually change from lime green spring leaves to yellow and red fallen leaves. The first technique that came to my head with the chance to see the change was image transfer using gel medium. When you’re rubbing away the paper, you reveal the image gradually, seeing how the surface changes. But there’s so many ways you can do image transfer! If slow and laborious rubbing isn’t your thing, try tape transfer instead.

Our August theme is Harvest.
August Art Daily Color is Golden Yellow.
Technique is: Image transfers. 

And here is mood board to inspire you:

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