August 2020 - My world - by Maria Lillepruun

Dear Art Daily fans! What an amazing mood board we have this month! I love this bright and warm yellow color very much! But it has not always been like this. I remember I used to hate yellow color as a child. Together with pink, these two were my least favourite ones. And I cannot even remember now WHY! But I grew up and the things changed. I became much more tolerant to many things that used to disturb me in the past. Frankly, this cheerful bright yellow is a color of complete happiness for me today. So I am very curious if any of you have ever experienced such a drastic change of affection for any particular color too?

The technique of this month is image transfer! So I decided to do what I had never tried before. I cut these apple images out of a magazine and transferred them on canvas, using a special photo transfer medium. This was a very interesting thing to do. I also created the bokeh effect on my art journal page, using some pigment inks and stencils with circles. This was a fun thing to do as well! After all, I keep my art journal not only for self-expression, but also for different. mixed media experiments.

Join and create with us this August! Looking forward to see your golden creations!

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