September 2020 - Go for a walk - by Marina Ignatova

Hello, dear readers! How quickly time flies.. It's already September, autumn in the yard! The most efficient time for me.

But once I didn't like autumn at all. I even got discouraged, I didn't want anything at all. So it was until I opened my eyes to the beauty of nature.I live in an amazingly beautiful place where there are majestic mountains, cold rivers with clear water, forests. And in September, these places are especially beautiful. There is a change of seasons. Summer turns to autumn, and the landscape takes on a golden-crimson blush.

That is why I allowed myself to add to the pages of the art journal, in addition to the color of the month Olive Green, the colors of autumn in my region. After all, this is what my change of seasons looks like.
I really liked Kristen Dalton's phrase “Be aware of what season you are in and give yourself the grace to be there.” After all, every season is amazing and beautiful. And we just need to notice this beauty and be happy here and now!

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