October 2020 - Be still and listen - by Maria Lillepruun

October comes at last. The grove is shaking.
The last reluctant leaves from naked boughs. 
The autumn cold has breathed, the road is freezing— 
The brook still sounds behind the miller’s house, 
But the pond’s hushed /.../ 
This is my time!

This is a little chapter from the long poem called “Autumn” by the most renown Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. He was enchanted by Autumnal nature, and wrote this poem in 1833. This is just one of his many poems alike about this beautiful season we are living in now. Pushkin felt that this is also the most productive and inspiring time of the year, and I can totally relate to it myself.  Many people tend to relax during the Summer and accumulate tons of energy (and vitamins!), so when the chillier weather comes in Autumn, all these people have a lot of will and energy to work efficiently for the several next months.

I act like this as well. I find a huge amount of inspiration in the slightly dimming days, in the ocean of multi-colored leaves under my feet, in the beautiful way the plants fall down and lose their life juices. It is not death but hibernation. We all know that the nature just takes its time to rest before everything blooms again next Spring. So let´s celebrate this beautiful process on our October art projects. 

I call you to incorporate trees, woods, dying nature, dry plants in your art. Try to use some dried or simply flattened leaves, flowers or even roots. Make it fun! Can´t wait to see your brown creations! 

Maria Lillepruun

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