October 2020 - Be still. Listen. - by Aleksandra Mihelic

 Autumn is one of my favourite seasons... in fact... I could say all of the seasons are my favourite ones. I'm the type of person who on one side is afraid of changes sometimes if I'm unsure what they are bringing to me and my dear ones, but on the other side I'm someone who is easily bored, so I loooove changes. And one of my favourite changes is season changings. So when summer is nearing to an end I get anxious to see autumn and feel it in all its glory. I love how colorful it is! I love a touch of the fresh air that surrounds us! I love chestnuts! I love hot spicy wine with chestnuts! Or just a cup of hot tea!

And I love creating with all the beautiful things nature gives us in autumn! Dried leaves, dried sticks and dried autumn fruits... I think sometimes we just have to stand still... and listen... nature offers us so much! And while we are enjoying its presence, we can look deep in our souls, think about things and get some answers and fresh perspective.

And here is my project inspired by it. Full of natural embellishments, my favourite type of embellishment, which I lately tend to use a lot on my projects. I hope you will like it and it inspires you to create something by yourself with things from nature that you can find around you at this time of the year. 

Enjoy your day and enjoy your autumn! We just came back with my kids and my husband, enjoying our day outdoors in the woods, picking chestnuts. Now I'm going to prepare them, along with some hot chocolate that my kids adore, so we can spend some time together, chatting and enjoying them!

Enjoy your time with your dear ones in this beautiful season! 

Hugs, Aleksandra 

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