October 2020 - Rusty Artichoke - by Finnabair

Hi my Art Daily Friends!

The core of the inspiration came with the bunch of the dry plants from my garden - and the king of them all was the dry artichoke flower which I cut in half and dried on my stove before glueing to the project! There are other interesting findings there too - oregano flowers, lemon balm flowers, rose fruit and more... it was really hard to resist and stop!

The whole colour palette was supposed to be browns only, but I broke that rule adding tiny hints of violets well, coming from the artichoke flower - it didn't hurt at all!  In general, I think together with the rusty tones of my Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylics it was a perfect match!

I'm really happy with the White Crackle effect combined with the new Prima chipboards and lovely, organic textures coming from Art Ingredients Mini Art Stones as well - this all was such a natural choice here, all to create natural-looking, yet a bit dreamy, a bit steampunk collage.
Autumn is the best time to work with dry plants, seeds and pressed leaves and flowers. 
Why not incorporate them into our projects more often?
Sending hugs your way


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