November 2020 - Mixed-media pinwheel - by Olga Heldwein

Hello Artsy Souls !
I’m Olga and it's my first time here so let me start with expressing how excited  I am to  write this post and share my project.  I'm also a little bit nervous as It's always a very inspiring place and I hope you will find it inspiring or at least interesting.

Our November theme is teal and inner dreams. 
Teal is bringing me vision of the sea so I decided to tackle that topic and  a wooden fossil shell that was hanging out on my shelf just seemed like a perfect fit.

My dreams and heart are more black than teal and always steampunky or distressed . So sneaked here the steampunky part with the center part of composition. 

My fossil piece is distressed a little bit "post-apocalyptic"  , definitely very textural. I was trying to balance a strong silhouette with delicate lace and ripped fabrics.  I was trying to capture delicate organic look that would reflect nature of  "watercolor dream „ I was trying to play with watercolor like look with liquid acrylics and I have to admit i really like my project and it was so much fun to play with palette and challenge. But as I treat my dimensional pieces as never finished probably every now and than I will add bits and pieces..

I hope that my entry will encourage you to play along and see where watercolor teal dream will take you . I’m looking forward to see all those fabulous works  !
I made a process video of this piece for those of you who would like to have more technical details about my assemblage piece .

If you feel inspired by this topic, if you'd like to join us with your acts of Daily Art - we are waiting!

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