November 2020 - Inner Dreams - by Finnabair

Hi my dears!

I can't think about the topic that would be closer to my heart than "Inner Dreams" - especially with the amazing mood board on the top of that! What a treat! Everything there was literally screaming my name, so I had to give it a go - and here I am, with my very personal collage.

When creating I was really trying to focus on the choice of elements and symbols which would represent me and my inner world: there is a moth (of course), there are my beloved gears, rusty springs, hinges, stars, flowers and leaves - all that bound together to create a surrealistic, oniric machine.
Watercolour techniques based on the watered-down Metallique and Liquid Acrylic paints helped me to blend the colour of the mechanical crown into the textured, but very neutral background. Soft colours with the black and rusty accents added the touch I needed - magical, dreamy atmosphere with my signature element of grunginess.
It was really a pleasure to create this small canvas - I hope I will be able to come back to this form more often in the future as I love working on them and hanging them on my walls as well!
Sending love tour way


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