January 2021 - Fantasy World - by Tusia Lech

Hello friends,

When I was a kid, I loved reading books, especially fantasy ones. "The Lord of The Ring" and "Hobbit" lived in my imagination and I lived partially among hobbits, elves and Lorien trees. In my adult life things didn't get significantly better :D I am still partially here and partially in a world, that can't be seen with human eyes. A part of that is playing with my family RPG. We are sitting with sheets of papers, pencils, personal dice (each of us has their own set) and other stuff absolutely necessary to spend several hours emerged in fantasy world (including a good tea of course).

My today project is altered tin, where I store my personal dice. Originally it was metal tin with some capsules inside. Now it has a second life :) 

Have a good day!

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